Stahl- und Metallbau IHNEN

“Steel construction is our job, quality is our passion.”

Bending machine

Range of application:
Forming of sheet metal

Between upper- and lower beam, the RAS GIGAbend 76.30 the sheet will be inserted horizontally to the preset stop position. Through pressing against the upper beam, the work piece will be fixed and subsequently formed by a predefined rotation of the bending beam. These procedures are CNC-controlled. By use of a piano hinge, box bendings up to 150 mm height can be produced.

Main technical data:
Types of material: all kinds of sheets
Min. material thickness: >0 mm
Max. material thickness: 6,0 mm (sheet steel)
Max. bending length: 3,200 mm
Max. bending radius: 45 degree
Box bending up to 150 mm height, up to 3 mm material thickness (steel)