Stahl- und Metallbau IHNEN

“Steel construction is our job, quality is our passion.”

High-bay warehouse

The ”core“ of our sheet metal processing is the impressive high-bay warehouse. On 1,500 pallet spaces we store all steel plates, finished parts as well as all tools and equipment, which are required for our projects. Even our materials logistics is handled by this system. Down to the last screw, everything is captured in the warehouse management system.

The storage and retrieval machine (SRM) enables the high automation of the plant. It “drives” at the push of a button to the pallet, takes the material and delivers it to the respective production machine where the processing automatically starts. After finishing the SRM takes self-acting the material back to its place or to the next destination.

Main technical data:

Size: 100 m long, 9 m wide, 13 m high
Capacity: 1,500 pallet spaces
Storage capacity: 4,500 tons
Speed of storage and retrieval machine (SRM): 150 m/min