Stahl- und Metallbau IHNEN

“Steel construction is our job, quality is our passion.”



The demands on steel construction are as diverse as the people behind them. You know what you want to achieve, we design the successful implementation. Engineering in compliance with production, functionality and assembly. Out of a simple material we manufacture a useful product. How we do this? With creativity, know-how, responsibility and an excellent technology. We understand our job, and your trust is important for us. For this we thank you with solutions of high complexity and quality, and works under difficult conditions or in confined spaces.

Moreover, we design in such a way that the production can take place at our premises and the installation can be carried out via bolting at site. This saves valuable assembly-time and provides greater security for all concerned.

Our performance:

  • Planning
  • Static calculation
  • Three-dimensional CAD-design (computet aided design)
  • Transmission and coordination of drawings via internet
  • Binding scheduling
  • Reliable project management