Stahl- und Metallbau IHNEN

“Steel construction is our job, quality is our passion.”


Windows and doors

We build the frames for exceptional views

Function and form - these are the decisive quality features for windows and doors. They offer protection against weather conditions, insulate from temperatures and sounds and regulate the air exchange. This is why we build and use only quality profiles with a high degree of strength and exceptionally good values.

But you can expect more from us than only glass and frames. Expect aesthetics and functionality, atmosphere, sense of well-being and security. For your building, in your style.

Winter gardens

Living near to the nature

A winter garden fulfills the desire of a comfortable living near to the nature. The expectations reach from a protection area for the terrace to a living space which can be used throughout the whole year.

We reliably and creatively cope with the different demands on the design, thermal insulation, shading or heating and ventilation.


Implementation of brave ideas

Large-size building with aluminium and glass plays an important role in the ambitious architecture. Representative buildings as well as dwelling houses – this is the modern look which shapes the townscape of many communities today. The facades are progressive and they even give large buildings an inviting expression.

Moreover the building made of aluminium and glass stand for innovation, they are variable and economical. This is why this material combination represents an optimum solution for many building ideas. STAHLBAU IHNEN implements these ideas for you.

Stahl- und Metallbau IHNEN

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